Cooling towers are a vital link in a complex system that transfers heat from one point to another. A common use of cooling towers is in air conditioning systems. The air conditioner will draw heat from the air in the building and transfers it to water in the cooling tower system. The cooling tower system takes the hot water outside the building, cools it through contact with the air, and then recycles it.

As stated in the CODE OF PRACTICE FOR THE CONTROL OF LEGIONELLA BACTERIAIN COOLING TOWERS, thorough cleaning, disinfection and manual desludging of cooling towers shall be carried out at least once in six months.
The efficiency of this heat transfer system can be reduced in four ways:
  • Forming of hard layer of scales in the system.
  • The continuous passage of the water over the metallic surfaces of the tower system can cause corrosion over time.
  • Sludge can accumulate at the bottom of the system.
  • Algae and other organic material can actually grow in the system causing fouling.
Major objective of a cooling tower treatment program is to prevent the deposition of hard water scale in small orifices, such as the condenser tubes. Another is prevention of corrosion. Scale and corrosion products constrict the flow of water, reducing the efficiency of the system. In badly neglected systems, pressure builds up in the system to overcome the insulating effect of scale. This will ultimately cause total system failure
The operating efficiency of a cooling tower system is adversely affected by:
  • Scaling - this must be controlled chemically and also held in check by bleed-off.
  • Corrosion - this must be overcome by chemically neutralizing the acidity
  • Organic fouling - this must be brought under control by chemicals with algaecidal properties.

Aqua Chemical (S) Pte Limited is established as a professional company which provides cooling tower servicing all over Singapore. Our trained and experience service staffs provide quality services, maintenance and problem solving for our wide range of cooling tower customers.

Services we provide once hired for Cooling Tower Maintenance:
  • Supplying of cooling tower water treatment chemicals
  • Maintenance of the cooling towers using the treatment chemicals supplied to prevent corrosion, scale formation, algae, bacteria, including Legionella bacteria in the cooling tower.
  • On-site technical service and support pertaining to cooling tower water
  • Collection of samples for cooling tower water analysis and tests
  • Cleaning and disinfection of cooling towers
  • Emergency cleaning and disinfection of the cooling towers in case of bacteria outbreak.
  • Monthly report on cooling tower water analysis based on tests.
We provide service staff on-site before we quote. For any enquires please contact us .


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