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Aqua-Chem specializes in providing engineered solution to solve PCB wastewater. Our technologies can be classified into the following categories,
Heavy Metals Removal using our proprietary heavy metal precipitant, AQUAMET;
  • As a precipitant to remove/recover dissolved complexed heavy metals (such as Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Iron, etc) from process wastewaters, waste oils, mining wastewaters, etc. The reaction forms a very dense, stable by-product, thus greatly reducing sludge volume.
  • As a stabilizer to render metals present in contaminated soils, sludges, sediments, ashes, etc.,insoluble as stable, nontoxic, organo-metallic complexes. They will not leach under acidic nor alkaline conditions.
  • Effective in reducing heavy metals in final discharge to below 0.5 ppm.
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Removal using our proprietary COD REDUCER;
  • An effective oxidizing based product to destroy COD in the wastewater.
  • More effective than hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and more economical than using UV or Ozonation systems.
  • Fast reaction and capable of reducing COD to 50 ppm at discharge.
Selective Ion-Exchange Method, our new Aqua IX Select System;
Our Aqua IX Select System uses specially selected resins to remove or reduce specific contaminants (heavy metals) from water to lower concentrations. It is unaffected by other dissolved solids in the feed stream and is used for:
  • Purification of a process stream, by removal of trace contaminants.
  • Removal of a specific, regulated, wastewater contaminant.
  • Selective recovery of a valuable material for reuse.
  • copper > lead > nickel > zinc > cadmium > iron > calcium > sodium
Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
  • Inorganic coagulants such as Ferric Chloride, PAC, Alum, Ferrous Sulphate;
  • Organic coagulants based on high or low charge of cationic polyacrylamide;
  • Organic Flocculants, cationic, anionic, and nonionic, in liquid or powder form;
  • Filter aids such as diatomaceous earth.
Filtration and Mechanical Dewatering:
  • Gravity and pressure sand filtration
  • Chamber filter press
  • Cartridge type filtration, pleated and non-pleated.
Sedimentation and Flotation:
  • Circular clarifiers and thickeners for high suspended solids liquids
  • Inclined plate (Lamella) clarifiers for low suspended solids liquids
  • Centrifuges (both disc and decanting)
  • Dissolved air flotation devices.
Recycle Technologies:
  • Rinse-water recycle and drag-out recovery in metal finishing,
  • Metalworking facility spent coolant recovery
  • Bulk container wash water recycling
  • Concentration of reverse osmosis (RO) reject
  • Car wash wastewater recycle.


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Industrial Chemicals

Since established in 1983, Aqua Chemicals (S) Pte Ltd has made a name as an integrated manufacturer of quality chemicals.
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